April 15, 2015

Wooden and Plastic Kitchen Play Set

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Pretend play is one of the favorite activities of Thea and Yohan during playtime. They love to pretend as chef, doctor, performer, food servers or cashier.  They also love tea party. I think they got it from an episode of Sophia the First show in Disney Junior. 

I am thinking of buying a kitchen play set for them. It would be a perfect gift for Thea's birthday. I am eyeing for a neutral design so that little boy Yohan can play with her Ate, too. 

I saw this one in Lazada, but it cost Php5,000. Cute but not budget friendly. 

This one is a DIY design from 
                                               Modern Toy Organizers by Pleasant Grove Furniture & Accessories clickhere2shop

There are so many cute designs in the web, in case I finally decide to hire a carpenter for DIY wooden kitchen set.  For the meantime, I'll buy play kitchen made of plastic, either from Divisoria or mall. 

April 1, 2015

On Enhancing Multiple Intelligence among Children

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Child's intelligence is not only shown through high IQ level or academic excellence alone.  In 1983, a Harvard University professor Dr. Howard Gardner developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Dr. Gardner has identified eight different intelligences to describe a broader range of human potential, both children and adults.  These are:

  • Linguistic intelligence (Word Smart )
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence (Number Smart)
  • Spatial intelligence (Picture Smart)
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (Body Smart)
  • Musical Intelligence (Music Smart)
  • Interpersonal Intellegence (People Smart)
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence (Self Smart)
  • Naturalist Intelligence (Nature Smart)

I am one of the modern moms who support multiple intelligence.  Both my daughter and son learned to sing at the age of 3.  They both love dancing and easily befriend other children and adults as well.  Thus, showing potentials of being Music Smart, Body Smart, and People Smart.  At Grade 3, Thea reads and speaks English well.  However, improvement must be made and lots of practice must be done so that she'll become Number Smart. 

Though it seems to be impossible to teach all learning styles, more and more educators in our country are embracing multiple intelligences.  The theory grabbed the attention of educators and schools are using its philosophy to redesign the method of teaching. As I see it in the newly released books for the K to 12 Curriculum, lessons are presented in diverse techniques using music, art activities, cooperative learning, role playing, reflection sessions, multimedia and more. 

At home, raising smart kids is a challenge.  Parents should be open-minded and supportive of their children's talents and interests.  Understanding child's learning style is very important. Children must be given the opportunity to develop through courses, hobbies and other self-development programs.  Likewise, parents should encourage (not push) their children to participate in extra curricular activities in school. Summer vacation or school breaks must be maximized by enrolling them to self-improvement classes or activities.  

March 18, 2015

Prepping Up for Summer of 2015

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Almost all of the students here in the Philippines have taken their final examinations already.  We can feel the scouring heat of Mr. Sun whenever we walk outside.It's because summer is just around the corner. Aside from the usual out-of-town trips, I am thinking of other exciting activities for the kids this summer. 

Below are some of the activities on my list:  
  1. Visit parks and playgrounds within Metro Manila such Quezon City Memorial Circle, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Luneta Park.  Early morning jog at the UP-Diliman Academic Oval is also a cool idea. 
  2. Engage the kids in reading.  We are going to collect books. Pre-owned ones are okey. That is why, we are going to hoard books from Booksale, and Bookay-ukay. This plan also entails purchasing a sturdy bookshelf. :)
  3. Homeschool Yohan, an incoming Nursery pupil, and Thea, especially on Mathematics and Filipino subjects. 
  4. Prepare more kid-friendly recipes and involve Thea and Yohan in the kitchen. 
  5. Arts and crafts weekend bonding with the kids. 
That's all for now, I'm looking forward for a more exciting summer bonding with Thea and Yohan. 

March 10, 2015

Raising Responsible Kids: Work for Hire Chores

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Getting kids involved in daily household chores is essential for them to become responsible individuals in the future.  At home, I let my children do small things such as clearing the table, packing up their toys after playing, sweeping the floor and making the bed.  My eldest also helps me water the plants and look after her baby brother when I'm busy. 

I found this awesome idea from  The Chic Site. It's about encouraging the kids in helping out their parents  in everyday chores.  Rachel Hollis, mom of three boys and author of the blog The Chic Site came up with an idea of teaching her young boys to earn and save money, and at the same time encourage them to do help her in the household chores.

That's Rachel's version of a Work for Hire Chore Board.  Different tasks are pinned on the board together with $1 the boys can earn if they complete them.

Cool, right?! This will be one of my projects this summer vacation. I have to train the kids to be responsible and the Work for Hire Chore Board is a creative way to do it. 

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